04 August 2006

Session 20

The Model
mp3 (2.9 MB)

Josh 2 suggested this one at our last session. Guys only again. Josh 1 had the task of playing the high parts on the mandolin. I thought it would be easy, but it wasn’t. Lots of multi-tasking going on here due to a shortage of people. I was grabbing kazoos off the desk with my mouth, playing them, and then spitting them onto the floor to sing. Most amazing was Josh 2 standing on one foot and dragging the other across the computer keyboard that was laying on the floor. All while playing the recycle-bin bass. I added a picture of our set-up and circled the keyboard. Boy are we talanted.

  • Andy—banjo, kazoo
  • Josh 1—4-string mandolin
  • Josh 2—recycle-bin bass, computer key(wash)board
  • Geoff—brushes on laptop box, garbage can, mixing bowl