05 May 2006

Session 17

Boris The Spider
(John Entwistle)
mp3 (2.8 MB)

Geoff had the honor of picking this song. I’m amazed that Josh 2 actually could play it on one string. Listen to it—one string, people. Rebecca dug out Stacey’s old mandolin and played it harp-style. Are you ever going to take that home, Stacey? Josh 1 did great Keith Moon licks with the brushes.

One of our founders, Matt, is leaving to go work at U of M. That’s our second member the U has taken. Matt will be greatly missed. Sorry we never did Weird Al Yankovic for you, buddy. At least you got to play your goodwill mouth organ again.

  • Andy—banjo
  • Josh 1—brushes on laptop box, garbage can, and mixing bowl
  • Josh 2—recycle-bin bass
  • Matt—mouth organ, mixing bowl (ping)
  • Geoff—computer key(wash)board
  • Rebecca—4-string mandolin