02 September 2005

Session 9

These Boots Were Made For Walking
(Lee Hazlewood)

mp3 (4.8 MB)

Rebecca suggested this one and it is sort of right up our alley. It's fall here at the college, classes have started, and things are crazy. Hence the late posting. Also, I think some inter-departmental tension, due to stress, really helped the performance. If this was recorded a day earlier, the song would have been screamed. Matt brought in a mouth organ (very loud) to add more actual musical notes. It's a good addition, we'll just need to all play louder. Josh 2 had the day off so Josh 1 brought in his daughter Julia (see little foot in picture) to take his place. Too bad she wasn't tall enough to play the recycle-bin bass.

  • Andy—banjo
  • Josh 1—recycle-bin bass
  • Matt—mandolin, kazoo
  • Geoff—brushes on a laptop-box
  • Rebecca—mouth organ, car keys