01 July 2005

Session 7

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme Song
(Schooly D)

mp3 (724KB)

Rebecca and I (Andy) were off for this one. It was the last day for Joe so we let him pick the song. I hope to get some details from my comrades about the session. It seems they didn't have access to a camera, but Matt is quite the artist. I colorized the picture for him. Recorded again into an eMac using its built-in mic.

link: Aqua Teen Hunger Force website

  • Geoff(Master Shake)—computer key(wash)board
  • Matt(Frylock)—CD-R spindel top
  • Joe(Meatwad)—ukulele
  • Josh 1(silent majority)—brushes on a laptop-box
  • Josh 2(Schooly D)—recycle-bin bass