03 June 2005

Session 6

(Suicidal Tendencies)

mp3 (3.6MB)

Resident punk Josh 1 suggested this one. Since most of us spent our teen years growing up in the ’80s, we knew this one all to well. Geoff even brought us bandanas! Since Joe is the youngest he got to be Mike and do lead vocals.

We had massive technical problems with the recording. The levels were either too quiet or they were distorting. I did an OS update last week. We finally gave up and dragged in an eMac. We used the built-in microphone on the machine and recorded into iMovie. The computer was on the far side of the room so everyone but Joe tends to yell to be heard. We did only one take and you can just hear the frustration. Matt had the day off (lucky him).

  • Joe(Mike)—vocals, staplers
  • Andy—banjo, vocals
  • Josh 1(father)—mandolin solo
  • Josh 2—recycle-bin bass, vocals
  • Rebecca(mother)—kazoo, vocals
  • Geoff(concerned friend)—computer key(wash)board, vocals