01 April 2005

Session 4

So Long, Farewell
(Rodgers and Hammerstein)

mp3 (6.7MB)

This tune has been sitting for a while, and it needed to be done. The arrangement required quite a lot of vocals and we had intended to play it as fast and frantically as we could. I have this silly idea that the skiffle band should be more punk. It never is.

More computer techs join. New-comers Rebecca and Geoff filled in our percussion holes and did lots of vocals. Josh 1 takes on the recycle-bin bass since Josh 2 had the day off. Joe went to the opening of "Sin City".
  • Andy—banjo, vocals
  • Josh 1—recycle-bin bass, vocals
  • Matt—stapler, kazoo, vocals
  • Stacey—4-string mandolin, vocals
  • Rebecca—kazoo, mixing bowl, vocals
  • Geoff—cd-rack (washboard), vocals